1. concerninglibertyfirst:

    Make sure you get that permit before you exercise your “freedom”

  2. the-unpopular-opinions:

    I believe that Affirmative Action should be based solely on economic class, not race. Students with lower incomes cannot afford private school, SAT preparation classes, summer career programs, and so many other things that wealthier students have access to. Additionally, the necessity to work part-time impedes poorer students’ ability to participate in extracurricular activities and limits the time they’re able to dedicate to homework and studying. Income is, unfortunately, one of the largest predictors of academic success.

    Yes, minorities generally tend to be more economically disadvantaged. My complaint does not apply to poor minorities at all. However, there are plenty minorities who are quite privileged who unfairly benefit from Affirmative Action. Similarly, there are many low income white students who are overlooked in the admissions process.

    Pretty much everyone who applies to college submits the FAFSA. Colleges should look at the financial information students submit, instead of using race as a factor in admissions. In short, Affirmative action based on economic class is a necessity. Affirmative Action based on race alone is unfair.